25-25-25 Challenge is MADE OF WIN!


25-25-25 Challenge is ON! And everyone is kicking butt!  So we decided to do Beachbody’s Focus T25 for 25 days, starting April 25.  One of the group lost 5% body fat the FIRST WEEK.  Can you say KILLING IT???? Double Fridays sure are tough!

I, for one, am absolutely in love with this program for the simple fact that the 25 minute workouts GO BY SO FAST.  It’s Shaun T, It’s everything you love about Shaun T, but by the time you start to really feel like you might die, there’re 5 minutes left and you’re in the last “burnout”.  It’s GREAT.  And short enough that I can do it in the morning before work without getting up wayyyyy earlier!  After 10 days we’re all feeling leaner and just the right amount of sore.  Stay tuned for more of our results and reviews of the Alpha Phase workouts from T25.