A little Spring in my step!


I’ve been kind of doodling around for the last month, randomly selecting different ShaunT workouts (Beachbody On Demand is GREAT for “choose your own adventure” workout schedules!).  For May I decided to change it up.  I’m doing a really fun challenge group with a bunch of our team, Sweat Nation, coaches, and at the same time, I’ve been hankering to start training for trail racing…. We have a GLORIOUS trail system I can access right behind our house!  I think I actually have a perfect combination:PiYo, trail running, yoga, pilates, running, Boise, Ridge to rivers Trail system

PiYo is one of my soulmate workouts (yeah, I’m promiscuous, I have a couple!).  It’s a fusion of pilates strengthening, and yoga lengthening, all at a pace that brings your heart rate up into the cardio zone.  What I love about it, is it takes care of your body as it conditions it.  I think radical core strength really improves my running and YOGA is the only thing that keeps my legs working at all.  I guess I’ll see how I feel in a month – maybe this year I’ll finally do the Foothills XC12K.  I’ve planned to do that race SO MANY TIMES, but then am always either out of town or injured.

Cobb Trail, Boise, Ridge to rivers, arrowleaf, trail running
Early morning in the Boise River Wildlife Management District (right behind our house!)

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