About Sam-Squared!

 2 Sams are better than 1!

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Sam 1 – The Girl…. Mild mannered Research Scientist by day, Fitness Frenzy all the rest of the time….  OK, not all.  I make costumes, care for our urban farm, and occasionally chain read whole sets of novels…

Sam 2 – The Boy… Intrepid exploration geologist, boat builder, callisthenics enthusiast….  Also an urban farmer, auto mechanic, runner, and purveyor of strange fruits…

Together = Sam-Squared = 100 % Adventure


Sam&Sam off doing crazy stuff.  We run, we hike, we camp, we ski wherever we find snow – sometimes snowboard too.  We do as much of everything outside as possible with our dogs and a full cup of crazy!  Oh, and Sam2 flies planes…


Sam1 makes pretty insane costumes…


Occasionally Sam2 gets involved….



So our fitness story….

Well, we’re pretty fit.  We just decided one day that SUPERFIT would be better and committed to working on that EVERY day.  Climb more mountains, bike more roads, run more trails, always feel like a million bucks.  I got into Beachbody coaching as a motivation mechanism to keep myself (Sam1) working out at home, and then belatedly found how GREAT it is to work with other peeps at the same time, helping them get SUPERFIT as well!  It’s been a complete life transformation and it’s EPIC!


GO BIG OR GO HOME, that’s how we roll!



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